More Crisis in South Sudan

I’ve taken a hiatus from posting about international news though I’ve kept up with reading it. This story out of South Sudan though was almost unbearable to read, and the accounts in here about attacks on westerners, aid workers and Americans just affirm that the South Sudanese people are living in complete hell, one that most of us cannot comprehend.

Worse (though not surprising) is the lack of response from the UN and western embassies that promised protection, and the way in which South Sudan was even created in the first place. The Time Magazine reporter Alex Perry has a kindle short about this subject if anyone is interested, highly recommend all his reporting.

Anyway, this is a horrific, depressing article to post so if you’re 100% into the Olympics or that ridiculously adorable puppy video, you might wanna skip this one.

I’m not an expert in this stuff, just interested in the third world, and the two competing products of it– the ingenuity and cruelty of poverty. Survival and the capacity for good people to do evil, bad things under extreme circumstances (again, that we cannot imagine) has always piqued my interest and strikes me as something we can stop and solve, maybe be eliminating some of the horrific circumstances. But that sounds simplistic and I hope the many people smarter than me have better solutions.



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